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 To succeed in the field of dentistry all dental professionals must be committed to furthering their knowledge, skills, and abilities by way of continuing education courses.


The purpose of Smoler Smiles C.E. courses is to establish criteria, policy, and processes for the validation of the course content of Continuing Education activities in accordance with the Academy of General Dentistry and PACE Standards. The purpose of the content validation for continued education is to ensure:

  1. learning objectives are clearly stated and addressed,
  2. content is accurate and fact-based from accredited references of the dental profession,
  3. content is free of commercial bias/opinions,
  4. content is of the scientific basis for the program subject intended,
  5. content contains recommendations for patient care that are appropriate and
  6. the content adheres to standard copyright guidelines.

 As needed to ensure their dental license renewal, all dental professionals are required to complete

60 hours of continued education in the state of Michigan.


Only PACE Approved organizations can provide certified C.E. credits to dental professionals. These courses must comply with standards set by the provider of the approval. Smoler Smiles C.E. Services is a PACE Nationally Approved Provider in accordance of the AGD Program for Continuing Education. The purpose of these courses provided by Smoler Smiles C.E. Services are for helping dental professionals complete C.E. credits towards licensure, provide knowledge and content, while teaching new skills and techniques of the dental profession. Therefore, the review and validation of the content provided in Smoler Smiles C.E. Services courses for continuing education is critical and must adhere to the definition of what is acceptable for activities related to the current dental profession and practices that are certified for credit.

Smoler Smiles C.E. Services recognizes the need for continued education

and lifelong learning in the field of dentistry.


  • The Smoler Smiles C.E. Services leadership and planning committee are responsible for providing clear directions to the course instructors/presenters on content validation policies and procedures.
  • All presentation materials and documents that are required for the course must be submitted to the Smoler Smiles C.E. Services leadership and planning committee no later than 2 weeks prior to the activity in order to be reviewed.
  • All presentation materials and documents must be appropriately referenced and adhere to copyright standards according to AGD and PACE Standards.
  • No presentation changes will be permitted once the content has been reviewed and approved by Smoler Smiles C.E. Services leadership without approval from the leadership and the planning committee. No changes will be permitted to presentations on the day of the activity unless unforeseen circumstances occur.
  • Any presentation material or documents not submitted by the deadlines stated to be reviewed and approved may cause the instructor/presenter to be removed from the course or activity.
  • All instructors/presenters in attendance of any Smoler Smiles C.E. Services course must submit a Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships and Conflicts of Interest Form and file with the planning committee.



Content Validation must comply with the following:

  1. The planning committee, instructors, and content developers will adhere to the Academy of General Dentistry and PACE Standards for content validation and compliance. All activities involved in any C.E. course by Smoler Smiles C.E. Services must be based on evidence that is accepted within the dental profession and in the best interest of the care of dental patients.
  2. The content subjects for CE courses are defined by the AGD Continuing Dental Education Subject Code List provided to Smoler Smiles C.E. Services leadership.
  3. Course activities may not be validated or approved if they: Promote recommendations, treatment, or manners of practicing dental procedures that are not within the definitions set by the AGD and PACE Standards, are known to have risks or dangers that outweigh the benefits for any dental professionals or patients, or are known to be ineffective or beneficial in the treatment of patients.
  4. Our courses will provide the following elements:
        • Clearly stated program description for course
        • Clearly stated learning outcomes of course
        • Clearly identified target audience
        • Clearly identified faculty qualifications
        • Clearly identified instructional methods that are appropriate to the content
        • Clearly identified prerequisites, if needed
        • Clearly identified registration fees and deadlines to register
        • Clearly identified statement about the refund/cancellation policy

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