Course Descriptions

Dental Implant Trainer

As Dental Implants continue to become the standard of missing teeth, more dental practices are incorporating implants into their treatment regimen. Dr. Bruce Smoler is proud to be a Dental Implant Trainer. He has earned his PACE certification and will be hosting/presenting many C.E. Programs. His programs will prepare participants for implant surgery. He will present a unique experience to his participants with a wealth of knowledge in all areas of implant dentistry. Course Descriptions are listed below:

Course Series: 101

Introduction to Implant Dentistry

Surgical and Restorative Implant Dentistry Overview

  • Make the discipline of implant dentistry more realistic and less overwhelming
  • Create an ideal site with abundant bone for implant placement
  • Winning Marketing and Case Acceptance Techniques

*No prior implant placement knowledge is required.

Course Series: 102

Implant Placement & Restoration

Understand options for placing and restoring dental implants

      • Review of Key Information
      • Treatment Planning and Case Presentation
      • Basic Surgical Options for Single Teeth and Full Arch Treatment
      • Prosthetic Options for Single Teeth and Full Arch Treatment
      • Winning Marketing and Case Acceptance Techniques for the Dental Team

Course Series: 201

Guided Restorative Solutions/Immediate Restorations

  • Dental Implant Essentials/Rationale
  • Understanding Options for Placing and Restoring Dental Implants
  • Basic Predictable Treatment Planning
  • Precise Implant Placement
  • Combine Guided Surgeries with Immediate Restorations
  • Winning Case Presentations
  • Systems to Increase Efficiency, Predictability, &¬†Profitability
  • Single Implant Cases and Full Arch Cases
  • Fully Guided Surgeries- Who is Guiding The Guide and Why?
  • Is GRS for every patient?
  • Flap-less Procedure for Quicker, Faster, and more Comfortable Services

Course Series: 202

Extractions & Bone Grafting Using L-PRF* (Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin)
*Intra-Spin by Intra-Lock

  • How to Perform Atraumatic Extractions
  • Learn a Plethora of Options to Help Create the Most Predictable¬†Implant¬†Site
  • Modern Ways to Augment & Maintain Bone for Predictable Implant Placement
  • When to Extract, Graft, and Place Implants
  • How to Help Patients Want What They Need NOT Just What Their Insurance Covers
  • Why Sticky Bone Should be Used for Your Patients
  • Winning Case Presentations
  • Hands-On Demos

Course Series: 203

Surgical & Restorative Techniques for the GP/ How to Double Your Monthly Implant Cases

  • Dental Implant Essentials/Rationale
  • Basic Treatment Planning
  • Winning Case Presentations
  • Systems to Increase Efficiency, Predictability, & Profitability
  • Breakthrough Self Imposed Barriers to Help More Patients Live Healthier
  • Creating YOUR Ideal Scene from End to the Beginning
  • Treatment Planning & Case Presentation
  • Single Implant Cases And Full Arch Cases
  • Advanced Case Options To Help More Patients

Course Series: 303

Atraumatic Extractions, Bone Grafting & Socket Preservation Techniques for the 21st Century

  • Learn a Plethora of Options to help create the most predictable implant site
  • Learn how to decide when to extract and graft or extract and immediate place implants
  • Modern Ways to Augment and Maintain Bone For Predictable Implant Placement
  • Learn the 6 KEYS for the most EFFICACIOUS Technique for Guided Bone Regeneration
  • Learn ATRAUMATIC Tooth Extraction Techniques using YOUR OWN instruments without costly new forceps
  • How to sift through the MEDIA HYPE to save TIME, Money and help others
  • Learn systems to help your patients WANT WHAT THEY NEED
  • Atraumatic extractions – knowing which instruments work best
  • Piezosurgical Techniques to increase speed and safety of surgical procedures
  • Socket Grafting Techniques using various types of Autografts, Alloplasts, Xenografts
  • Trephine Demonstration for C-w ridges
  • Bone Screws, Bone Tacs, and Membranes to aid in Buccal Wall Defects
  • Suture Techniques to aid in uneventful healing
  • Case Studies to see how to create Ideal Implant Sites