About Our Mentorship Program

Smoler Smiles Mentorship Program

The Smoler Smiles Hands-On Mentorship Program will provide you with a unique level of program options. At each level, you will experience Dr. Smoler teaching you how to perform advanced dental implant procedures chairside. There are three different levels to the Smoler Smiles Hands-On Mentorship Program, which are detailed below.


Level One: Basic

At this level of mentorship, referring offices have the option of phone consults, online advice, and basic treatment planning services, with one-on-one time with Dr. Smoler.

Level Two: Over the Shoulder

By referring more patients for treatment in my office, over the shoulder would allow the referring dentist to be a hands-on assistant/over the shoulder observer of their own patient’s treatment and services. If desired, we can perform both aspects of the surgical and restorative care in my office. There is no fee for the referring dentist to assist with their own patient’s care in my office. A veritable Win-Win!

Level Three: Full Mentorship

This in-office mentorship program allows the observation, discussion, treatment planning, and assisting hands-on with My own patient’s care both surgical and prosthetic treatment. This would allow more access to involved case presentation, treatment planning, CT workup, surgical preparation, delivery of services, and follow-up. Requirements and qualifications do apply. The mentorship fee is to be determined. Please call our office for more details, (734) 629-4404.