Smoler Institute Mentorship

    Please fill out and provide the following information so we have a better understanding of your background, preferences and area of interest in Implant Dentistry.

    What services do you presently provide:

    Surgical Services
    Single tooth implant placementFull arch implant placementExtractions and immediate implant placementGuided Survery

    Prosthetic Services
    Single tooth implant crownsFull arch implant prostheticsFull arch implant prosthetics Cement RetainedFull arch implant prosthetics Screw RetainedFull arch implant prosthetics Hybrid DenturesFull arch implant prosthetics Zirconia Bridges

    Do you have an intra oral scanner?

    If yes what system or type is it?

    What type of implant training programs have you attended?

    If applicable how many implants have you placed in your career or per year?

    What implant system do you use or have used?

    Select all that apply
    Socket GraftingRidge SplittingLateral or Full Sinus GraftsChin or Ramus Block GraftsSinus Bumps

    Please explain what experience you have with full arch cases

    Do you use any of:
    PRGFPRPBio ActiveBone Modifiers

    What questions have not been addressed if any?

    Looking ahead what would you like to gain from your involvement with the Hands On Mentorship Program

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